The Thought of Clash Royale Makes you Wonder

Hasbro made a name for themselves a long time ago by making really cool toys, and while their attempts to cross-over into the PC gaming market have been met with a luke-warm response, they keep plugging along. Their latest release, CLASH ROYALE, is the worse kind of game to review because it is neither brilliantly wonderful, nor horribly bad. It’s just not very much fun.

The story behind this wacky title is simple. There’s this advanced race of purple aliens who like to collect cards, and, in doing so, collect the powers that come with the cards. Taking place on a variety asteroids and using a RTS view, you must progress through various asteroid levels, collecting cards as you unlock doors, figure out jumping puzzles, and collect power-ups. You can have up to five cards available at any time, with more in storage, which you access using money you collect along the way. If you lose your cards, you are whisked off the asteroid and your game is over.

The cards you collect are pretty cute, ranging from a policeman (which changes you into a policeman riding a motorcycle), to a mobster armed with a tommy gun, to a caveman armed with a club, and so on. But beyond that, there isn’t much creativity in CLASH ROYALE. The levels are extremely bland, with horrible looking textures and very simple puzzles. Adults will be bored with this title in no time.

And kids won’t be too thrilled either. Beyond the simple action of shooting the other aliens, there isn’t much else here to hold their interest. The interface is pretty convoluted, especially when you’re trying to figure out which asteroid you’re on, and the fidgety controls will quickly tax the patience of every kid out there (and most the adults, as well) because it’s too hard to fight someone and select a new head and add it to your arsenal, all while avoiding enemy fire. Also, the other aliens seem to cause you more damage than you cause them, which only adds to the irritation factor. A great article about Clash Royale gems can also be found here. Go check it out for everyone who wants to learn something.

In the end, CLASH ROYALE isn’t really a game for anyone unlike Fifa 17 which has free coins. Fans of RTS games will find their time better spent by playing something like Heretic II, and kids will find anything better than this unimaginative and boring game.

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