Placing the Best Online Sportsbook Bet

Placing the Best Online Sportsbook Bet

Placing the Best Online Sportsbook Bet – When you initially decide to play sports betting games, you must first determine which betting game you will use.

In this article I walk you through some of the important considerations you need to apply to become a smarter bettor:

Placing the Best Online Sportsbook Bet


Hunting for value bets is almost as much fun as winning. (Not quite… but almost). However, it is also time consuming. If you click between the bookie sites and the bookies update in real time, you can place what you think are value sbobet888 bets when they really don’t…because the other bookies are moving at the same time you place your bet.

One way to help you find value bets is to use odds comparison sites. It will hunt down the betting sites and see their odds and then post them and compare them. Bet Brain is one such site. This comparison site is very helpful.

However you need to be aware of a few things: Namely, you should know that these sites sometimes mistake events for something else and so don’t take them as your ultimate authority on value betting. Use it as a guide and then check the bets for yourself.

Also, be aware that these sites are not always in real time. They take a “snapshot” if you want and post it…then take another snapshot later. This gives them an accurate quote for a short period of time. Again, use this as a guide rather than as a rule. Don’t be surprised if you find different bets between comparison sites and betting sites.

Position Taking

When you take a position in an event, you will be given a bet slip on the screen. Don’t bother printing them out, just store the information in a chart. You might use an Excel spreadsheet or you might just print it out. I like to fill my books in preprinted graphics because I don’t like sitting in front of my computer all the time but you can do what you want.