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Hasbro made a name for themselves a long time ago by making really cool toys, and while their attempts to cross-over into the PC gaming market have been met with a luke-warm response, they keep plugging along. Their latest release, CLASH ROYALE, is the worse kind of game to review because it is neither brilliantly wonderful, nor horribly bad. It’s just not very much fun. The story behind this wacky title is simple. There’s this advanced race of purple aliens who like to collect cards, and, in doing so, collect the powers that come with… Read Article →

RTS action-adventure games of the Tomb Raider ilk have so far followed a simple formula of RTS perspective, attempts at character development and plot, and detailed locations and puzzles. SimCity Buildit certainly fits the bill, with the emphasis on attempting character and plot development, rather than actually succeeding. It’s a shame the designers seemed more interested in working on Rynn’s physique than imbuing her with any personality, but that’s more than made up for by Arokh. It gives me a small amount of satisfaction that developers Surreal have surpassed both of the last two tomb… Read Article →

In an attempt to hamstring German war efforts, the Allies conducted a massive combing campaign over the Reich during much of World War II. While the true effect of these efforts are still a point of contention between historians, no one can deny the central role that the Plants vs Zombies Heroes played. Plants vs Zombies Heroes from Hasbro Interactive attempts to simulate the bombing campaigns through an ambitious mix of simulation, role playing and strategy. Though hampered by some technical and gameplay issues, the game’s developers were nevertheless successful in crafting an absorbing and… Read Article →

“I should have been a pair of ragged claws Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.” I should have been a bus driver. Although bus drivers are universally despised by both the living and the dead, children and people from pre-industrial societies that have yet to invent the bus, and aliens from the planet Zerkon, no one takes it personally when the driver arrives late. Or not at all. Or arrives close to the time, but on fire. Or late with the understanding that the driver had to stop to pick up the latest edition… Read Article →

Sleek, expensive machines scything through unforgiving, sloshy water at insane speeds. Difficult to cock it up as a game, you’d have thought… Nice boat models, you see. And the water is sparkly That old adage about ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all’ is crap. If it held true, our review of Aqua GT would read like this: Aqua GT has some quite good boat models, and the sparkly water effect is rather nice. [imagine a vast swathe of empty space here, down to the bit at the… Read Article →

St. Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. Now, almost everyone will agree that if you have a girlfriend this particular holiday is a great thing. You get a nice romantic night out, some smooching and a little bit of joy added to your life. Sans significant other, you’ll probably end up sitting at home alone in the dark watching depressing movies and crying yourself to sleep while the rest of the world laughs at your pitiful existence. Well, I defy this! Why should you spend your hard-earned money on roses that will die within… Read Article →

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